Our Mini-Bus

Our New Mini-bus

Carnival 2022 with LP Joan and Driven by Lion Paul


If you wish to arrange use of the minibus,

 please, contact Lion Peter Taylor, Tel: 01964 536833 or 07533-775693

Peter will approve the booking and put it in the diary. He will authorise collection at the appointed time from Gorton Services at the entrance to the Hornsea Pottery.

 A key code will be issued for the keysafe which is by the door to the premises. Please, respect the one way system around the premises.

A single car may be left parked in place of the minibus.

Before moving the minibus, drivers should enter up the mileage log sheet and damage report.  If a member of the Lions finds unreported damage, or mileage, when inspecting the minibus upon return, the Lions Club will be notified and the driver could be barred from using the bus again.

Because of excessive damage being done to the bus, users of the minibus should be aware that the appointed driver should be tested on driving the bus prior to use commencing.  Also if the bus is damaged, the user will have agreed as a condition for using the bus to contribute to the cost of damage.  For full details please, contact Lion Peter Taylor who will issue you with a formal letter detailing the terms and conditions.

Please note our bus is not suitable for young children, unless you provide your own booster seats !.

Passengers are reminded that UK. Law requires that seat belts are worn on all journeys.


The Bus is NOT Available to Hire or Sub-Hire, nor is it available to Private Business. Please, note that the use of the bus is restricted to within sixty miles radius from Hornsea. If you wish to take a trip further afield, please contact us in writing via the Lions Trustees using the shop address.

Otherwise please, contact other providers.

 This bus has less seating than our Previous one
    Limit is 11 Passengers and 1 Driver.  (12 Seats Total)  July 2022