Message in a Bottle How it Works

  1. Open the "bottle" ,                 It  contains Information Sheet and Two.... Green cross Stickers.
  2. Complete Your Personal Details , contacts, medication Etc. On that Form.
  3. Put the completed Sheet back In the Bottle
  4. Put The Bottle in a Easy accessible place , The Fridge is good, Or medical chest - especially if you have medication in there!
  5. Stick 1 Green Cross sticker:-   on the Fridge Door/medical chest,     where you have stowed the MIB.
  6. Stick 2nd Green Cross sticker:_  on the door to the main  entrance of your home.
  8. The Paramedic who attends will see the Green X Sticker,
  9. They can access all the medical information they require, and treat accordingly.                   [Essential if YOU are Unconscious ]